Meike Jung


Culturally, Meike's focus is on all types of story-telling: She devours volumes of literature, sometimes writes herself, and is addicted to well-composed movies.

Already experienced in web project management, Meike discovered Drupal in 2008 and, like thousands before, "stayed for the community". Meike gained experience as a themer, site builder, software architect, and contributed her knowledge as a usability expert, concepter, accessibility reviewer, and editor.

As a respected active member of the open source community, Meike contributes in many ways, organizes events, fosters corporate designs, empowers newcomers to contribute translations. And Meike is a co-founder of CMS Garden.

According to her manifold experience, Meike contributed to OpenCulturas in several roles. She transformed the initial specifications into an elaborate information architecture, along with work package concepts. Meike evaluates user feedback and finds solutions. Even the low-threshold sub-theming concept originates from Meike's planning.

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February 2002



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