OpenCulturas 1.3.0

Feature release

Publication date

New features

Custom teasers

Available as content element in pages and articles: teaser section.

  • Easily picks links to articles, pages, profiles, locations, or events
  • Works for teasers to taxonomy pages, too
  • Use headline, main image, and teaser text as a default―or override some of these fields to allow context-related calls to action
  • Create nicely layouted teasers for external links as well

More video platforms

We have replaced Drupal core's media bundle "remote video". No worries, it's backwards compatible, any remote videos will still play and can be edited.

However, with this feature site owners have the possibility to configure further video platforms. Only requirement: the source platform needs to have an oembed endpoint. Examples for well-known platforms are Ustream, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr... but the list is huge. On top of that you can define your own provider bucket, for example PeerTube.

"Type" taxonomies―next level

Version 1.2.0 introduced new taxonomies related to certain content types. If you haven't already, take a closer look now at

  • Event types (/admin/structure/taxonomy/manage/event_type/overview)
  • Location types (/admin/structure/taxonomy/manage/location_type/overview)

The according content types allow selection of a single term (given that you have added some). The views Calendar, Event cataloge, and Locations contain a filter field after the update. If you do not plan to use the "types" tagging, please ask your site builder to remove the type filters from those views and disable them in the location and event form displays.

However, we strongly encourage you to take the time and add the terms. You can use a bulk operation on the content overview page. Your reward are landing pages out of the box and user-friendly filter options.

In the next release we plan to enhance the default teasers and pages to contain a "type" label above the headlines.

Dedicated front page blocks

The content element "View" now offers aggregated blocks per content type explicitly built for the front page. Content needs to be marked with "Promoted to front page". This serves promoting e. g. "highlight locations" or the most interesting magazine articles.

Follow us on Mastodon

A feature we've been impatient to use ourselves. Moving our main social media activities from Twitter (X-cuse me) to Mastodon, we can eventually present the menu link to you.

We didn't want to patronize you and simply x the Twitter field in the contact details component. However, we recommend you to do it yourself, because we don't take any responsibility for the function of the old Twitter links or the correct icon.

Bugfixes and enhancements

Refactored Views

When we published OpenCulturas we did not throughly test with translated content. We would like to apologize for that. In multilingual setups you might have noticed that translated content issued in duplicate (or even more) entries in list views.

It took some time to fix that. Almost all views in the current release have been changed. In case you have made own copies or modifications, please take a close look at the diff.

Besides translation filters we made sure that all OC views can now be filtered by "OpenCulturas" in the overview, checked for translatable strings (filter labels for example). The missing AJAX setting in the Recommendations view has been fixed, too.

In the course of that we have reduced the selectable views in the "View" section element. Please note:

  • Related dates: only "Upcoming dates" will work for general placement
  • Related articles: only "Latest" will work for general placement

Text formats and editors

Up to 1.2.x versions the WYSIWYG editor profiles had been configured inconsistently and the order of the available text formats resulted in unexpected defaults. We changed the order to allow the most user-friedly format for the given user's role. Editor buttons have a consistent order now and "Basic HTML" now allows headlines, too.


Tobias Bähr

Lead software architect

Meike Jung