OpenCulturas: arts + culture portal software for regional marketing


OpenCulturas is a content management platform software with:



Create event locations that can be referenced and are aggregated on a map


Personal Profiles

Create your profile and showcase your information


Group Profiles

Create a profile for your group, such as a band, performance group or theatre ensemble



Add event dates and list them in an event calendar (plus map)



Publish magazine articles on spotlight topics, such as artist interviews or concert reviews


Event Catalogue

Re-usable event (or workshop) descriptions, displayed in a catalogue with search filters

Regional marketing of arts + culture made easy: Using OpenCulturas as your platform empowers actors in the cutural field to own their data and make their information accessible to a wide audience.

Version 1.0 coming soon. Stay tuned!


  • Free + open source - built with privacy, accessibility, diversity, and digital sovereignty in mind
  • User-generated content (optional, not mandatory)
  • Publication workflows
  • All content interconnected
  • Profiles for individuals and groups, such as artists, event organizers, bands, authors, influencers, visitors...
  • Re-usable event descriptions (no more copy-paste of redundant information)
  • Image library, including access to Creative Commons assets
  • Galleries incorporating A/V media
  • Sponsors (global or per page)
  • Multilingual (English + German by default)
  • Personal bookmarks and public recommendations
  • Abuse report + profile claim processes
  • Faceted full-text search
  • Affiliate event calendars (embeddable in partner sites)
  • Extensible accessibility + trigger warnings for locations and event descriptions
  • Structured data, prepared for compatibility
  • Base design responsive and WCAG compliant, easily customizable - or integrate your own individual look + feel!
  • Consent management (terms of use, cookies)