Frequently noted requirements that OpenCulturas meets out of the box

  • Free + open source - built with privacy, accessibility, diversity, and digital sovereignty in mind
  • User-generated content (optional, not mandatory)

Dynamic content

  • All content interconnected
  • Profiles for individuals and groups, such as artists, event organizers, bands, authors, influencers, visitors...
  • Re-usable event descriptions (no more copy-paste of redundant information)
  • Re-usable event locations (no more antique information copies - owners can change their contact data for any connected event date at once)
  • Extensible accessibility + trigger warnings for locations and event descriptions
  • Multilingual (English + German by default)


  • Galleries incorporating A/V media
  • Image library, including access to Creative Commons assets
  • Sponsors with their logos (global or per page)


  • User accounts via (optional) self-register, with double-opt-in
  • Personal bookmarks and public recommendations
  • Faceted full-text search
  • Base design responsive and WCAG compliant, easily customizable - or integrate your own individual look + feel
  • Consent management (terms of use, cookies)

Goodies for site-owners

  • Moderation/publication workflows for pre- or post-moderation
  • Abuse report + profile claim processes
  • Calendar widget/affiliate event calendars (pre-filtered, embeddable in partner sites)
  • Structured data, prepared for schema.org compatibility

Further features on the roadmap

OpenCulturas is continuously being further developed. Have a look at the roadmap so see what's upcoming.