Types of events, locations & co.

Landing pages and discovery with the new "type" vocabularies

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The vocabularies can be created/edited in the OpenCulturas standard with the OC-Admin role. You can access all vocabularies via Structure > Taxonomy > Overview. Ideas for creating the terms can be found in the FAQ linked below.

Registered users can then tag their content with the available terms. Starting with OpenCulturas version 1.4, the keywords will be made visible in the teasers.

Special cases: Articles and pages

The content types also offer type association, albeit with a different purpose. We thought it would be a good idea to be able to aggregate certain forms of articles or pages separately. For example, you could easily create and aggregate articles as press releases, or declare pages as project descriptions and have them collected on a project overview page.

Teasers for pages and articles then also contain a type assignment above the headline. There is an exception for magazine teasers: If a rubric has been selected here, the rubric is output instead of the article type. It is advisable to choose one of the two assignments (rubric or type) anyway.

Frequently asked questions

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  • Here are our suggestions for a typical OpenCulturas installation as a general platform for arts + culture events Theater Museum Concert hall Open-air stage Gastronomy Club Congress center Public space...

Create landing pages

Good news: pages for each type are already there. As soon as a content contains a type tag, it will link to that page. For example, a landing page "Open air stage" can be placed as a link in a menu, or a custom teaser can point to this term page.

We recommend to add a mood image when adding a new term. This and an introductory text serve both well, the page and the default teaser.

Type overview pages

The decision to offer such pages is up to you. Adding terms (and the usage of those terms in content) is a prerequisite. Given that, you might want to offer an overview of the event or location types.

How to add an "Event types" landing page (distribution page):

  1. Add a Basic page
  2. Content elements > Add view > Vocabulary > Select vocabulary for term grid
  3. Care to enter the machine-readable name of the vocabulary: in this example event_type (furhter options: location_type, article_type, page_type)
  4. Save and publish

Add further content if you like: Mood image, editorial introduction, teasers, etc.



Meike Jung