What event types should we offer?


The vocabulary  "Event type" is empty. Which terms does the OpenCulturas team recommend to add?

Here are our suggestions for a typical OpenCulturas installation as a

general platform for arts + culture events

  • Concert
  • Conference
  • Exhibition
  • Festival
  • For children
  • Guided tour
  • Lecture
  • Market
  • Performance
  • Reading
  • Workshop

Just as an inspiration. For your use case other terms might make more sense.


  • Do not add any "Other" type. Nobody is required to select a type, the field may be empty.
  • Avoid adding too many! When many types are only tagged by 1-3 entries the filter becomes a frustration raiser. And in case you use linked tags the landing page would look like an accident.

How about "Exhibition for children"?

Keep in mind that there is still the "Focus" vocabulary, allowing multiple selection. Avoid duplicates. Use the differet options in combination for a good user experience.

Obsolete question for initial installs in version 1.3.0+

Good to know: Updates will never affect your current taxonomy terms.

A fresh installation of OpenCulturas version 1.3.0 or higher already adds suggestions. You are free to rephrase, delete, or add terms.

For multilingual setups please remember to check/edit the translations as well.