What did you intend with "Article types" and "Page types"?

Articles already have tag fields for Focus and Column. Why another taxonomy?

And what's the idea behind "Page types"? What terms should we add?

Short derivation: CMS Garden came up with the idea while testing OpenCulturas. Actually, articles are perfect for adding press releases, position papers and the like. However, a distinguishing feature on this level was missing to be able to create aggregation pages (e.g. Press > Press releases).

So, based on the same principle as "Event type", the vocabularies "Article type" and "Page type" were created, which provide the aggregation pages right away. For pages, the contribution was created for consistency. CMS Garden will use this for aggregation of other content (see below).

CMS Garden decided against the possibility to hide "special articles" from the magazine entry page (which would be possible though). These articles will then not show up under the individual columns because they are not tagged with any column (editorial policy).

You can simply ignore these taxonomies (leave them blank). Here are some suggestions for your decision making:

Ideas for article types

  • Presse release aggregated on a dedicated page with a menu link "Press releases"
  • Position papers bundled for the target group "policy makers", linked via a teaser
  • Blog members' opinionated articles―you can add a disclaimer to the entry page stating that blog posts do not reflect the editorial position

Ideas for page types

  • Project e. g. for presentation of current studies or funded projects
  • Project archive for terminated projects
  • Working group―but you might as well use (group) profiles for this
  • Committee