OpenCulturas 1.1.0

Feature release

Publication date

Requirements update

The new release of OpenCulturas now requires PHP 8.1—current setups should make sure to update any older PHP versions on the webserver before updating OC.

New features

  • Frequently Asked Questions—the new optional sub-module can be enabled by the administrator to serve FAQ pages.
  • A main profile can be configured in the user account which will be used as the default profile giving recommendations.
  • Improved user dashboard—your users are now welcomed with step-by-step calls to action: profile finder (to search for profiles that might have been created for me by another band member), separate list of the profiles and locations a user manages, enhanced "My content" table with more filter options for all other content types, and a much more compact bookmarks list.
  • Email notifications with configurable email recipients per notification type and language preference: OC admins can receive immediate notifications for abuse reports, ownership claims and requests for content review. Content authors will receive emails automatically when their reviewed content has been published.
  • Usability enhancement in content moderation views: Now displaying the revision author instead of the original author. Useful for example for magazine articles where different people could trigger a moderation workflow.
  • Usability enhancement for map displays: result counters and redundant pager links help understanding that the map might not display all results. Users can decide how many items to display, helpful when using on low bandwidth.

Tobias Bähr

Lead software architect

Meike Jung


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Mentioned in this article


Frequently noted requirements that OpenCulturas meets out of the box

Free + open source - built with privacy, accessibility, diversity, and digital sovereignty in mind User-generated content (optional, not mandatory) Dynamic content All content interconnected Profiles...


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