Enable notifications

How to set up notification emails

Publication date

Version 1.1.0 ships with email notifications but you need to initialize them.


  • Add notification recipient: Role OC Admin or higher privileges.
  • Actions upon received notification: Typically at least OC Admin. Custom "administer content" permissions might have been provided in your setup.

Initialize notifications

  1. Visit configuration page: Menu Administration > Configuration > Workflow > ECA notification recipients (URL path: /admin/config/workflow/eca-notification-recipient). Or function Go to: "Notif..."
  2. Button "Add notification recipient"
  3. Enter a valid email address
  4. Click toggle "Enabled" (when the toggle is green and the switch is on the right, it's enabled)
  5. Select certain notifications group/s (checkboxes) or leave empty to receive notifications of any kind
  6. Select your prefered language for the email (unrelated to the language of the triggering content)
  7. Save

Notification received—what's next?

Every notification email tells you what action is required. You will typically find a direct link to the content related to the notification as well as a link to the appropriate content administration page.

Efficiency recommendations

Enter multiple email addresses when you have differing office hours and/or deputies.

It may be helpful to enter different recipients for different levels of urgency. For example, when you plan to moderate content on two days per week but you do want to immediately react on abuse notifications you would enter on recipient for abuse and a second for the other types. Use filter rules in your email client to manage the urgency level locally.

Depending on your team's resources (team size, available time) it might be useful to work with a Helpdesk tool. The OpenCulturas development team for example uses Freescout (a free and open source software that can be hosted on the own webserver). Such a tool can receive generic email addresses like abuse@example.org. Whoever is in charge can claim a new notification and work on it. This helps avoiding duplicate attendance compared to several team members individually reacting to an abuse notification.


Meike Jung