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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions: how to enable, configure, and edit them

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Version 1.1.0 ships with a FAQ module: OpenCulturas - Frequently Asked Questions. It is disabled by default to keep the setup lean for those who do not want to offer a FAQ section.


  • Enable module: OC Admin or higher privileges
  • Create FAQ page: OC Admin or higher privileges
  • Add FAQ categories: OC Admin or higher privileges
  • Add FAQ content: at least OC Admin. Custom permissions for FAQ might have been provided in your setup.

Add FAQ categories

We recommend providing a clearly arranged structure and sorting of the FAQ overview by providing categories. Start before your answers exceed the number of 7.

  1. Menu Structure > Taxonomy > FAQ, Button "List terms" (URL path: /admin/structure/taxonomy/manage/faq_category/overview)
  2. Button "Add term"
  3. Enter Name (that's already it)
  4. Save

On the FAQ category administration page you can modify the display order by dragging.


For each category ("term") you will automatically have a target page that lists all FAQ assigned to this category. You have options to enrich that page:

  • Mood image: Header image for this page
  • Description: General introductory text for this category

Add FAQ content

It is helpful for the following step to create 1-3 FAQ up front, ideally in several categories. Otherwise you will find that you won't find anything on the FAQ page.

Menü Content > Add content > FAQ (URL path: /node/add/faq)

  1. Select FAQ category
  2. Question: Keep it as short as possible—the question will be displayed in large letters and serves as a button to reveal the answer
  3. Detailed question: You may elaborate the question here. Otherwise leave empty
  4. Body: The answer can be as voluminous as necessary. It will be trimmed after a certain length and a link to a dedicated page will be rendered
  5. Optional: Click "Edit summary" to open the field for an explicitely short answer for the overview page
  6. Content elements: You have the option to add media (e. g. images) or even a gallery, for example to build a step by step manual
  7. Save

Please note: There is a moderation workflow for FAQ content, too. You can save a draft for later and can moderate the finished piece to review. For the following step it is helpful to already have some published FAQ prepared.

Create an overview page

Now we have everything in place to build the FAQ overview page:

  1. Menu Content > Add content > Basic page (URL path: /node/add/page)
  2. Title: "FAQ" or "Frequently Asked Questions", add a subtitle if you like
  3. Menu settings (sidebar panel to the right): Provide a menu link, optionally adjust the wording; select the menu to host the link; Weight: the higher the number the lower the position in the menu (can still be dragged + dropped later on on the menu administration page)
  4. URL Alias: /faq (Important - this is the magic to make the breadcrumbs work. Defining a different alias requires administrative configuration changes)
  5. Content element "Add view": FAQ > All - grouped by FAQ category. This includes all the magic.
  6. Save.


  • Summary: Teaser text for a teaser that leads to this page
  • Mood image: Header image for this page, used as teaser image as well
  • Body: Introductory text for this page


Long exposure light question mark in a dark room

xample from practice

The FAQ entry page could look like this.


Meike Jung