OpenCulturas 1.2.0

Feature release

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New features

We've done ourselves a favor and added at least one feature to the new release of OpenCulturas that we wanted to use on this very website :-)

Header image repeated as viewport background

Although we wanted the software to be designed simple and low-threshold for your own stunning design ideas, we thought a little eye candy would be nice as a first impression. If a content page has a header image, it will automatically be used as a fixed background image. If you do not like that, it requires just two lines of CSS to remove it.

Additional taxonomies

OpenCulturas came with a basic "Focus" taxonomy that is common for all content types and aggregates all relevant content on a dedicated web page. The magazine has a dedicated "Columns" taxonomy on top. Now some content types can have additional dedicated categorization:

  • Location type (theatre, museum, city hall...)
  • Event type (concert, lecture, symposium...)
  • Article (press release, news, blog...)

File downloads

  • Download links now more prominently designed, much easier to click
  • Paragraph element to nicely add a download section anywhere in your landing pages or magazin articles

Tobias Bähr

Lead software architect

Meike Jung


Mentioned in this article

Mentioned in this article


Frequently noted requirements that OpenCulturas meets out of the box

Free + open source - built with privacy, accessibility, diversity, and digital sovereignty in mind User-generated content (optional, not mandatory) Dynamic content All content interconnected Profiles...