OpenCulturas Dojo

The software's virtual roadshow


Bitte voher hier unverbindlich anmelden, dann schicken wir den Link zur Teilnahme per E-Mail.

Demonstration of OpenCulturas: how everything is interconnected, how to add content. Live demo on our demo system. We invite you to ask questions, and we answer them directly with examples. And, of course, we'll be pretty frank about what does or doesn't work - or doesn't work yet.

The event will take place as a video conference via BigBlueButton. No software to install; you simply start it in your browser. A short handout comes with the appointment confirmation. We host BigBlueButton in Germany and have configured it to be privacy sensitive. This includes that we prevent recordings. So we are among ourselves.

Depending on the interests that emerge from the registrations, discussions about cooperation opportunities or exchanges about funding programs are also possible. Our ambitious goal is to turn interested parties into a community because you have common interests that can be pursued more effectively together.


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Tickets and pricing
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